Wavelab Presets needed...rookie needs help.

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Hi, I was wondering if anybody had EQ presets of any kind...
I am fairly new to home recording...I have things recorded but I really want them to sound the best they can.
I have the tracks sounding good, but my problem comes in the mastering department...or overall mix...or everything haha

Does anybody have an example EQ curve for hard rock/punk/hardcore...
or even better a saved EQ preset...
or just some hints

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Mar 01, 2005 06:42 am

The best tool you can get for something like this is a program called Har-Bal.

Get details at www.har-bal.com or purchase at secure.reg.net/Product.as...-1&AFID=247

What Har-Bal does is two fold, it will help you master your songs much quicker and with better results, in addition, you will learn the art of EQing. You can take your favorite songs, analyze them with Har-Bal, see it's EQ curve then apply that curve to your music.

Additionally it will help you spot big dips or peaks in your existing curve, which is often the cause of songs sounding better in one speaker and not so good in another.

Giving you a preset for a graphic EQ isn't really possible because we have no real idea where your songs are now, so without a starting point it's hard to see the finish line, ya know?

I typically hate answering questions with "oh, just spend more money on this" but when it comes to true mastering, Har-Bal is the bomb.

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