Hot Plate vs. Axe Trak

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Hello everyone,

Just found out about this forum - very nice!

After years of swapping equipment in and out, trying to maximize the use of each piece, I'm currently the proud owner of a Fuchs Overdrive Supreme - a really wonderful amp.

The question now is, which route do I take for recording in my apartment? On the one hand, I could get a THD Hot Plate and record at civilized volumes, or go with this new Axe Trak thing. Pros and cons on each side, but I wonder what a 6" speaker in a sealed off box will sound like...

Thanks in advance for your comments/advice..:)

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Feb 12, 2005 08:13 am

I wonder what a 6" speaker in a sealed off box will sound like...

Those are my thoughts as well. I have toyed with the idea foryears of building something like what Axetrak is. I contacted Axetrak to try and get one for review/testing but have had no luck. In the small enclsoure type devices I have devised over the years always sounded muffled or something like that, I would really like to see what they did different.

I would go with the HotPlate myself...but then, I always use my POD, so I don't have the same probs :-)

Welcome to HRC!

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Feb 12, 2005 10:06 am

Thanks for the welcome!

I tend to agree with you - for yet another reason. I think I'd be dissatisfied if I lost the tone of my hardwood cab and the Celestion Century speaker...

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