problems with m-audio keystation 49e in cubase. more so midi in cubase.

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okay that topic might seem misleading as the keystation is working fine. what i've done is recorded a million midi scores to cubase. now, the problem is, because it's a usb midi keyboard, and on this computer i'm just using the cheap factory installed soundcard no external (or internal) interfaces for midi, what are my options for turning the midi into .wav files? the keyboard itself has no other out's to send audio into the only interface i'm using now in cubase (don't laugh), it's a digitech rpx400 guitar processor (usb), which has severed me pretty well recording vocals and guitar... when i purchased the keystation it was more or less to learn some key's and have another instrument to play around with, but if i can't mixdown the scores i've made, with the audio i've already recorded it's kinda useless... now, i've been instructed already if i use a VST midi instrument then i could record that as audio, but i'm yet to take that approach... why have a sequencer that can't mixdown midi to the way you have recorded to audio...???

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Jan 29, 2005 06:13 pm

Yes, you want to use VSTi's. MIDI is not audio, just data. Most sequencing programs allow VSTi plugins. So it works hand and hand with your sequencer. I don't use cubase, but I'm sure you can import VSTi's into it.

There are a ton of free VST and VSTi's out there. A good site to look at is:

But the best ones are usually the expensive ones. One I suggest is Sampletank 2 XL. They have over 1500 sounds that the MIDI data can trigger. I've found it for $300 which is nearly $80 cheaper than anywhere else I've found.

So how do you make the MIDI play that VSTi? I'm not sure about Cubase, but I know in Fruity Loops, you have to match the port number of your MIDI OUT channel to the port number of the VSTi. Sounds confusing, but once you play around with it, you should find it easy.

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Jan 30, 2005 01:14 am

illbizzel, thanks for yr input. i started using vsti's in cubase today, and albeit a little disappointed most my midi scoring was in a sense all for nothing till i'm able to find the vsti's i need to recreate the midi sounds i used in my scores. shouldnt be difficult...

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Jan 30, 2005 01:28 am

good thing about midi is that you can edit the midi, quantize it, so everything lines up perfectly. If you record straight audio (.wav), than you have room for error. Some people like that though because it sounds more live.

As for a VSTi, I really recommend VSTi. They have almost every sound you could think of. Bass, orchestra, strings, drums, voice, etc. And the quality is great. They also have good built in efx as well. I have a keystation 49e that I use and I use SampleTank for nearly all sounds. Quality comes out good.

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Jan 30, 2005 07:58 am

Yeah, I have the Raium 49 and loads of softsynths, I love using it, the control that modern MIDI gives a person is stellar. I first used MIDI back in the late 80's and ACK! Even then I remember thinking, wow, what a cool idea but it needs some work.

Now, with a softsynth you are not limited to the lame general MIDI sounds of a typical SoundDisaster sound card wavetable synthesis, but you can use MIDI to trigger actual wav file audio samples of real instruments or whatever the heck sound you want/ With all the parameters of control they give you now you can do some great stuff in terms of adding realism to them, changing velocities, tossing them just a millesecond out of time, all kinds of cool stuff.

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Jan 30, 2005 01:31 pm

I just re-read my last post and seen I typed an error:

"As for a VSTi, I really recommend VSTi"


I meant to say, "As for a VSTi, I really recommend Sampletank 2 XL". Sorry for the confusion.

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