Newbie, desperately seeking help to transfer cassette to wav file

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I am really not sure what information you need, as this is completely new to me. I have a standard home Technics cassette player, which I would like to use to record from, into my computer to create wav files and eventually put them on CD.

I have one of those cords with the red and white plugs on one end and the small jack to fit into the sound card, some software (Goldwave) and a lot of enthusiasm. NOTHING I do will create a wav. I have tried every combination of plugs from stereo to PC and nothing works. I know this is all I need, as I did it once before about 6 months ago. Thing is, I have moved since then and I can't find the instructions I wrote down!!!

Can someone help me, PLEASE? I need to sort a CD out for my mother's 65th birthday in a month and this cassette is the only copy of the surprise I have.

Thanks in anticipation

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Jan 24, 2005 03:53 pm

I have done this a lot, as long as the line out of your cassette player is hooked up to the line in on your sound card, and your app (goldwave I guess in this case) is looking at those inputs, it should work. I don'tknow Goldwave very well, but if the meters in goldwave show the audio of the tape being heard then it should record.

Another cool free app to try would be Audacity.

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Jan 24, 2005 03:57 pm

yeah you have all ya need, hook up the red and white (RCA) end to your tape deck and the small headphone end up to the line in on your computer (i think it's the black jack if your computers sound card is color coordinated) after that, it's all about the software you use, wow i'm really not adding much here huh?!!

good luck, and happy b-day to your grandmother


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Jan 25, 2005 03:28 am

Here in NZ the mic jack is the pink jack, how interesting.........

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