Anybody know how to run Fruity Loops into Pro Tools?

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The only way i can get a loop made from Fruity Loops in Pro Tools is to save as a wav. then import it into a Pro tools track. Is thier a way to run it directly through a pro tools line? The reason i ask is because i can only hear the Fruity loop on my pc speakers until i mix down to a wav and place it in Pro tools. I want to be able to hear it through my monitor speakers while i'm making the beat on Fruity Loops.
Thanks in advance.

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Dec 30, 2004 09:56 pm

There's a version of fruityloops that installs a vst version and you could take xpansion's vst-rtas adapter and run it in protools that way. You could also run a lineout from your souncard into a track in pro tools, but I don't think you have transport control.

You should have a copy of Reason Adapted that came with pro tools... It's a sequencer that will run simultaneously with (and into) Pro Tools WITH transport control. Try it... i hear it's not as great as the full reason program but it might help.

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