Steinberg SE Vsti Collection VS. IK Expansion Tank Sound Module OmniSynth

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Melodic Master Mind
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well u know is reggae i deal...seen... with i cross over to R&B, Jazz sometimes hip hop and other style i blend it with u know...but mostly roots reggae.....i heard samples from IK already never heard the steinberg guitarist Vsti b4...........but i want to know which one u think is best in the battle of IK multimedia Expansion Tank Sound Module OmniSynth or steinberg se virtual instrument collection....*Note: I am low on funds so thats why only these 2 i choosing between*....thanks.....blessed love

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bace135 in the house tonight!
Since: Jan 28, 2003

Dec 04, 2004 06:56 pm

sorry, haven't heard any of these, but maybe someone else here has.

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Dec 09, 2004 10:28 pm

WEll the Expansion Tank Module is just what it says, and expansion for their SampleTank 2 software. That is one of the most awsome softsamplers out right now. It is a beast and is ready for almost any task, and then some. It is however not cheap.

The Steinberg se virtual instrument collection is probably a better priced bet. Although I will admit the sampletank sounds are spectacular.

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