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i need help with my set up, i have an i-mac (which i don't use) a zoom1266 stand alone, a behr. ub1622fx, a lot o' mics, and thats's it. how can i set this up to it's full advantage?
(the room is there) and what do i still need?
anything would be helpfull.

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Nov 27, 2004 08:41 am

Do you have any outboard gear? Such as a compressor, EQ or such? What kind of monitors do you have?

Since: Nov 27, 2004

Nov 28, 2004 11:30 pm

im looking into comp's right now, im using creature jbl computer speakers with a sub and two 300w studio speakers. (not at the same time) i also run 2 proximity 15" speakers from the 70's, they rock for a p.a. eq's would be nice, as well as an amp to power the big ones w/ my ber16.
any recomendations on grear would be cool. im prepared for the cost, it's too easy to get lost. the stuff im putting out with my zoom rocks and sounds great on 9 out of 10 systems.oh and i have some wierd reveb unit from the past as well that rocks for vocals.
thax for anything, and this site is way cool, glad i found it.


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