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Dear all,
Please please help me with the following problem. I am quickly losing patience and all faith in my purchase and home recording in general.
I have a Delta 44 and have set up the device using the 'Typical Setup #1' option as outlined in the manual (using the Delta's outs as a monitor mixer). I have tried running my guitar through several pre amps to amplify the line level. While the delta control panel shows a perfect line level on its volume metres, whenever I playback stuff I have recorded in Guitar Rig or Cubase SX (or anything for that matter) the playback volume is very low. When I compare what I have recorded against mp3s on my computer they are way too low. I have tried boosting the volume on the preamp but all this results in is the delta volume metres clipping badly and playback (while at a louder volume) now becomes distorted badly. I am running an AMD 64 3500+ with a K8T800 VIA chipset and have updated the motherboard drivers, the delta 44 drivers everything. How the hell can I fix this, I'm absolutely sick of it and I am fearing I have bought a lemon in the delta 44. Please help!
Many thanks

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Nov 23, 2004 10:53 pm

I compress and normalize my tracks to get the most signal out of the them that I can... It was a long slow process of feeling out how to squash them and raise the overall loudness without my signals clipping a lot. I don't know if I have any more specific advice to give than that... but I had kind of the same problem, and processing the signal after recording it just worked for me. Seems like digital recording is more sensitive with the input levels than analog recording is... just one of homemade music's little quirks, I suppose.

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Nov 23, 2004 11:07 pm

yes, that would be compression/limiting that you need

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Nov 24, 2004 02:30 am

when you listen to mp3s on your computer, are you talking about professional recordings? Because guitars in those tracks have likely been compressed in the mix (plus who knows what kind of eq and other effects), then the overall track has been compressed and maximized in the mastering process. Basically what I'm saying is a lot of work goes into getting that loud final sound, that you will also have to do as a home recording enthusiast, before you get your guitar to sound like the pros (even volume wise). But you can do it, it just takes lots of learning, experimentation, and practice to sound that good. So don't quit now.

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Nov 24, 2004 11:03 am

you may have the volumes in the windows volume applet set up different, play with those maybe.

There also maybe a consumer/pro recording level that's coming into play. One is +4 db and the other is -10db. That could be in there as well.

I'm thinking there's a volume somewhere that's not being correctly set (there's a lot of them), like the software mixer volume, or playback volume in your tracking software, etc.

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Nov 24, 2004 11:47 am

[edited post after re-reading]
make sure the WavOut1/2 faders are up and not muted. make sure cubase's faders aren't down. make sure in the patchbay/router tab, your HW1/2 out has "monitor mixer" selected. you shouldn't need to compress and limit to make your tracks audible.

make sure that cubase has your delta 44 set to playback, not any other sound device.

after that, make sure you have it properly plugged into whatever mixer or headphone amp you're running.

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Nov 24, 2004 03:39 pm

Many thanks to you all for your help and replies. This is a great place! I have tried a free VST Plugin, 'Classic Limiter', it boosts my volume a bit, but its still not loud enough to get a proper indication of how the take went.
I've tried changing the consumer/pro levels, but unfortunately no change... I've got my monitors at an appropriate level too... In windows control panel for sound, my recording device is 'M-Audio Delta 44 1/2' and my playback device is my onboard sound card (however, when recording I just plug the delta outs into monitors and let the delta output, and, it works - as per patchbay / router). All the volume levels which can be modified are all the way up.
One thing I am unsure about though. Minkus, you mentioned 'make sure the WavOut1/2 faders are up and not muted'. My WavOut 1/2 faders are indeed up and unmuted, however I am plugging into the inputs on the breakout box. The only levels I get in the Delta Cotrol Panel are the left channel of 'H/W In 1/2' and both channels of the 'Master volume'. That's it. I don't get levels at all in WavOut 1/2. Have I not configured this properly, cos I don't understand how WavOut 1/2 comes into play. As for cubase's faders, they only work when playing back a recorded track. Changing the faders when testing a level does nothing at all, it seems the Delta control panel overrides them until I have finished recording a track. Increasing the cubase faders in playback does next to nothing to increase volume.
Once again, thank you all for your help. I really appreciate it.

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Nov 30, 2004 02:18 pm

I am having the opposite problem. My volumes are too high, as they are breaking the barrier (hitting red). My biggest problem at the moment is my LOW's, as i am experiencing the overall sound too high. I had a lot of volume problems in the past. I would suggest the best way is to play around, as I did. Eventually you find out your problem.

But yes, these guys on here are awesome. They have helped me out a lot, very respectfully.

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