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Hi Guys

OK, so I am almost done finishing off my final tracks (aye, I am STILL messin with a few) for the EP.

When I get the printing done there is nae going back so whatever songs I chose for the cover are goin on and that is that.

I am happy with the ones I have anyway - I just tinker all the time!!!!

Anyway..heres ma question:

I am using my songs as the basis for my live performances which I plan on doing soon.

Now, I wanna use the tracks I have to a point. I will need all my drums and all my bass. I will need some wee bits of rhythm guitar and I may/may not use my samples in Good Ol Boys & Wasted Land (dunno yet - no deceieded).

So, I wanna make some new mixes. I want to remove all vocals, all lead guitar and all rhythm guitar where there is no lead playin...follow all that??

Right - do you thikn I should create a mix with each of the drums, bass and any remaining bits of rhythm guitar as loud as poss i.e. set the faders back to scratch and just bring em all up as evenly as possible (obviously still mixin) then remaster them all. This will form my "track" which I will sing over entirely. I will play all the lead solos (using the rhythm I already have for these bits).

Next question is, for the solo backin rhythm, do you think fading in/out just for the solo the guitars I have just now will work??? I know this will also need remixed volume wise but in general.

I plan to play all the rhythm guitar when I am singing, only have the bit of backin when I am soloin - after all, I can only do one or the ohter :-) !!

Finally, in terms of sound - do you think I should kill all effects on drums, bass and guitars for the backing only?? Or try to recreate the right ambience using effects i.e. club sounding drums etc??? If so, how best to do this!

Ah...this is a bigger project than the EP. But, it will be worth it cause I'll have my ain custom backing tracks which will be all me. If I canny keep time/key with this, I need to give up :-)

Finally, finally, MP3 (for an MP3 player) >> Mixing desk (in which case I need to buy). MP3 Player >>> Mixing desk (in which case I need to experiement - have a sony but very rarely used it) OR.... CD Player >>> Mixing desk - no problem there (tho I would probs use high quality MP3's on the CD as the CD Player plays cd's which have MP3 on em). This would be for the format of the backing...

I know this is a big post with LOTS of questions but if anyone willl know, its you guys.



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Czar of Midi
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Sep 11, 2004 12:42 am

I wouldnt kill all the effects as you dont really know if the place you will play in has good accuostics or not. I would leave it a bit ambient if ya can.

As for the CD thing, I would go for regular CD unless space is a concern then maybe usse the hgih quality mp3. But for best fidelity I would probly choose regular Cd quality.

Since: Jan 12, 2004

Sep 11, 2004 05:12 am

Cheers Noize...

I do have a MD as well but I fancy the CD will easier to make and master.

Good advice re the affects and I hoped you guys would say that. I thought Id give the instruments on the backing a REAL feel with real verb based on the places I will play...perfect acoustics mibbe???



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