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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I have posted here. I'll throw another thread out saying 'what's up' after this, so I'll just get to the point of this.

I finally got some time again to do some tracking and would like to get some feedback on the mix.

I posted two songs to my profile at: www.homerecordingconnecti...le.php?id=1139.

I would appreciate any comments on the mix or songs. I'll pass along any composition comments to the artist.


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Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Sep 10, 2004 11:54 pm

Took a quick listen tonight. I will give a better listen tommorrow and let ya know what I thought. but they sounded pretty even to me at low volume and quick listen.

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Sep 12, 2004 01:19 pm

Well had a chance to listen again today. The guitars sound mixxed well, and my only comment there would be to maybe add a little depth with some lower mid EQ and a tiny bit of Reverb. To keep the original live studio feel I would use something like a small room reverb. Something with a very short tail on it so it doesnt sound to big.

The voice is maybe a touch loud in some parts. I guess overbearing is a better description as they sit out front a bit to much. They sound a bit much on the higher frequancy range. A tiny cut in the upper mid with just a tiny bit of boost somewhere again the lower EQ range to fill the voice out a bit and set it back in the mix. Reverb again would be a good addition there as well. Again a small room with just bit more tail then the guitar. The object will be to set the vocal back a bit behind the guitar sound, but not burried.

Otherwise I liked the mix for the most part. And the sounds are recorded very well. The guitar sounds captured very well and there dont seem to be any noise's or artifacts on the vocals either so very good job there as well.

Since: Jul 02, 2003

Sep 12, 2004 02:17 pm

I would say pretty much the same thing Noize has said, particulary the vocals could use some lower mid EQ.

The second song seems to me to be a bit heavy on the right channel when guitar changes, not quite balanced. Other than that sounds pretty good to me.


Since: Apr 12, 2004

Sep 12, 2004 09:22 pm

Thanks for the suggestions. I knew the vocals were a little out of control in some spots just had a hard time smoothing out the level with compression.

I'll play with the EQ a bit.

olddog; listened again, right on. some spots it peaks +2db over the left. I didn't rest my ears before mixing that down and throwing it up here.

Kinda like now, ears feel like mush. That can't be good. =)

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Sep 12, 2004 09:48 pm

mhubbard, I foudn a bit of a differant approach when my ears get tired form mixing, especially accuostic with vocal stuff. I found some sound scpae type synt stuff that I pop in and play at a lower volume for a bit to give the ears a break. It seems to get your brain tuned away from the higher frequancy of the guitar vocal thing. When I give it about an hour or so then come back it all sounds good again.

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