PT LE 6.4 w/Digi 002 rack, DAE error -6087 on playback

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Hi all, I'm a Pro Tools newbie, having just performed a fresh install of XP on my recently re-worked, dedicated music production system. I'm having problems with Pro Tools LE 6.4 spitting DAE error -6087 at me when I attempt to play back recorded tracks. My hardware interface is a Digi 002 rack.

ASUS A7M266-D motherboard (latest BIOS, v 1010), South Bridge: AMD-768 chipset, North Bridge: AMD-762 chipset, dual AMD-Athlon MP 2000+ processors (~1.67Ghz), 1 GB ECC DDR RAM (registered), eVGA Geforce 5500 FX graphics card, Maxtor 4 port USB 2.0 card, Adaptec Fireconnect 4300 firewire card, Linksys Wireless-G network adapter, SiL 0680 ATA133 RAID/IDE controller card, 400 watt ATA-style power supply, Black Dragon full-tower PC case, USB Microsoft Optical mouse, standard keyboard.

Harddrives: (1) Seagate 160GB drive (partitions: system, storage, applications), (1) Western Digital 80GB drive (two 40GB partitions, each intended for Pro Tools recording use), (1) Maxtor 80GB drive (ATA 133, installed on the RAID/IDE card--using as IDE, more storage). Drives are using DMA.

Peripherals: Plextor Plexwriter CD-RW (40x), Sony DVD-RW (USB-External), M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (USB-External).

Display: Samsung Syncmaster 171v flat panel LCD (analog connection)

Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP1 (patched)

Virtual memory set as follows: 100MB min/512MB max on the system drive. 512MB min/512MB max on a 2GB partition on my Maxtor drive. There is no swap allocated on the physical drive Pro Tools is tracking to.

Software installed: T-Racks 24 stand-alone application, Pro Tools LE 6.4, T-Racks EQ plugin/Amplitube plugin (bundled w/Digi 002 rack), free Bomb Factory plugins, Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 4.0, Sound Forge 6.0, Winamp, Quick Time, Real Player, WinZip, Adaware, CWShredder, Spybot Search and Destroy, Spyware Blaster, Cookie Monster.

Troubleshooting attempted so far:
1.) turned off all USB peripherals (w/exception of USB Mouse--may use PS2 adapater to move it off of USB temporarily as well).
2.) disabled network card (wireless)
3.) Set graphic display to 16 bit
4.) optimized for background services, system cache, optimized for "best performance"
5.) ran disk clean up on all drives, then defragged all drives.
6.) made sure all drivers for components were up to date.
7.) disabled all but essential startup items. Nothing active in taskbar.
8.) system configured for Windows classic view for "Start" and through Display properties.
9.) screen saver and power options all disabled.
10.) display set to 60Hz
11.) error reporting disabled
12.) remote assistance/remote desktop are disabled
13.) Automatic Updates disabled.
14.) System restore set to "off" for all drives.
15.) no conflicts with IRQ's, or warnings listed in Device Manager.
16.) Read through and followed instructions on Windows Optimization in the "Getting Started With Digi 002 Rack" guide.
17.) Have been mucking with the settings in the Playback Engine area of Pro Tools LE 6.4, attempting to find some combination that will allow for playback w/o the DAE -6087 error. No Dice!
18.) have logged an email ticket with Digidesign regarding this issue.
19.) have been looking through the posts here on the User Conference (however, it seems that the search feature doesn't work all that well)
20.) have searched for related issues via Google and Yahoo, keying on the specific DAE error, combined with WIN XP and/or Pro Tools LE. Used following keywords, as well: troubleshooting, optimization, installation, configuration, conflicts, compatibility.
21.) searched the Digidesign Answerbase.

The session I recorded was 8 tracks of audio, patched in from a Tascam DA-38. The session was set up to record at 24 bit, 44.1khz. Recording appears to have completed okay; however, playback simply chokes. I'd imagine I have enough system memory, the drive is completely free for Pro Tools tracking/playback. No plugins are being used at this time.

I am thinking my next move would be to uninstall as many non-essential, non Digi software programs as I can, to see if it's a conflict with something else I have installed, though I'm guessing it's probably more of a hardware setting or OS tweak.

If anyone out there has any suggestions of things I could try to get this stuff working, nice and stable-like, I'd appreciate. Oh, and currently, purchasing a MAC G5 is not an option.



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Jul 07, 2004 03:39 pm

Data Access Errors can sometimes be fixed by running a good regcleaner, it is sometimes caused by an old, corrupted registry or similar things. Since it is a fresh install that seems unlikely tho.

Uninstalling and reinstalling is an option. Or possibly starting your PC with the 002 unplugged and plug it in after the OS is up and running, see what happens. I have heard of that working for the MBox.

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Jul 08, 2004 12:27 am

In my opinion, you dont have enough stuff in your machine, thats whats wrong.....

har har har!!!!!!!!

MAn, what a system you have there sir.

Hope we can help

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May 06, 2008 01:56 pm

Hi, I don't know a lot about computers, but I was having a similar issue with my 5.3.2 Pto Tools rig. I went online and found your post. I did everything you did and kept getting the 6087 error message. Then, on a hunch, I used my Task Manager (CTRL ALT DELETE on PC, don't know command function for MAC) and clicked on the "Processes" window. I looked to see if there were any processes that were eating up my CPU capacity. It turned out that even though I was disconnected form the internet and had shut down my spyware/anit-virus software, this program was still running a process that was eating up 80% of my computer's cpu. When I ended the process, the error messages stopped popping up. Maybe this can be of help to you or anyone grappling with this issue.

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