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Sorry, because I am SURE this and similar questions have been asked 1000 times, but the forum didn't have a search function and I was having a hard time locating what I want to know.

So here is my deal. I have some turntables, a basic mixer and want to get into recording and mixing on my computer. I recently built my own highiend computer system (2.4C GHz Intel P4 Processor, 160 GB HD, Windows XP Prof, etc). I was about to go out and buy the Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS (or something like that) and then came across this forum that pretty much spoke out against it. Seems that it is good for sound, but not great for recording. . . and I would much rather get a good recording card.

I have plenty of PCI slots on my motherboard and space outside is limited, so I would rather have an internal sound card. I would also like a front panel controller (that I saw on the SB audigy card). For what I am thinking I will be doing, I will only need one input (the RCA connectors which is the output of my mixer).

So I was looking into buying a decent recording card (for around 200$) and then some software. I really don't know what I am looking at when it comes to software at all. I have no idea what kind of prices to expect. . . but like us all (well, except for the bastards), I don't have an unlimited amount of funds and so would like some cheaper, but good software. I just want to know what to expect. But I really just want to be mixing multiple tracks, maybe making some beats. . .i really don't know yet.

Phew. . . sorry, I will shut up now.

Thanks for any help :)

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May 31, 2004 12:01 pm

I hope Im not a bastard!!!

He Har...
emu or m-audio are the cards I would reccomend in that price range. (Darla Gina etc) Whether or not you are doing midi should be a factor also.
Keep in mind that the I/O amount has a great deal to do with the price, not really the sound quality.

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May 31, 2004 02:16 pm

I'd go for an M-Audio card because I'v had great experiance with them. Keep in mind if you want Midi or not, as far as software goes, it can get a bit pricey but for beat making and things like that I reccomend Cakewalks Project Five and for Recording/Mixing Cakewalks Sonar 3 due to the easy learning curve... that will set you back a bit though. There are other apps out there a lot cheaper and more than able to handle a simple mixing task. Just gotta look

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May 31, 2004 02:27 pm

cool, thanks guys.

Yeah, I definitely need to do some looking around, but thanks for pointing me in a good direction :)

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May 31, 2004 06:15 pm

here's another vote for M-audio.
I've had an Audiophile 2496 (internal) for about 3 years now. Sound quality is great and it has missed a beat with any of the apps I've used...

Ok, who moved it..??
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May 31, 2004 06:17 pm

P.S. The 2406 is retailing at about $150 (US) , right now.

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Jun 01, 2004 01:21 am

JSYK (Just So You Know) there is a text search link just under the rectangle button links called Search HRC. It is pretty useful.

Anyhow, I guess, the software and soundcard that is going to fit you best will depend on what you want to do. How are you expecting to make beats? Pulling samples from vinyl? As far as mixing goes, do you mean in a dj sense or mixing a set of tracks (the process before mastering)? Are you planning to record anything outside of your turntables? Just off the top of my head the Audiophile 24/96 sounds like a good fit for you for a soundcard, but hit us with a bit more info and we'll be able to help you much more better.

Nothing doesnt give me gas
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Jun 01, 2004 02:03 am

oops......I said Gina Darla, those are echo audio, sorry, I got me stuff corn-fused. Stay away from sound blaster stuff, they are a good card for gamers, but they havent hit the market with a recording quality soundcard yet, and I dont know why. They have the R&D to do so, but havent. I have had students enamored with the SB "Live drive Platinum" whatever its called, that has I/O's on the front, and they think that makes it pro.....Plus, that card is more than the 2 I/O m-audio card, which is retarded.

I have the layla card, that has 8 I/o, and because of what I do here, I would not buy it again.
Not because of the sound quality, but the rack box having the I/O amount, makes it much more expensive. I dont need the ins outs for what Im doing.
I did a classical guitar thing today at my buds studio on a hip hop track for a local big group..( "snoop doogie howser???", dunno,played, got paid went home, dont care) anyway, he uses the m audio 2496 and the m audio sp 8's monitors along with the m audio mic pre, and the sound is amazing. He has released stuff on radio too, so you dont have to have an Avalon to make great tracks. The heart of his studio is the mpc 2000 beat rap hip hop thingy, and it sounds "da balm", if you are into that stuff. Im a 40 year old white dude that wears black socks, and grows tomatos, so that aint my scene. It sounds better than the "white Stripes" though.......

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Jun 10, 2004 09:06 pm

Thanks again guys, I got the audiophile 2496 on your recommendations. . .I haven't quite got it all set up yet because I want to move my tables and my speakers closer to my computer.

To be honest, I am not exactly sure what I want to do. At this point, I will only be recording off of my tables. I hope to mix some beats using samples from the vinyl. I already do some mixing in a DJ sense, so I was thinking more along the lines of mixing tracks of my DJ mixes, or whatever else. I want some kind of versatility because I really don't know what I want to do. But, what I DO know is that I want to be able to record multiple tracks (not at the same time) and then mix them together. Pretty basic stuff, I would imagine.

coolo, thanks for pointing out that search link. I must be constantly drunk or something because I looked and looked to no avail.

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