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I'm just getting started with Cubase and I have read on this site that a bunch of people use seperate programs for drums (fruityloops for example) and then dump those into their multitrack program (Cubase for example). What's the advantage to doing it this way versus just creating the drum pattern in your mutlitrack program. (Hopefully that makes sense). Thanks!

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Apr 28, 2004 01:17 pm

i find mixing in other software easier, and the application of effects and so on, is why i do it that way.

whatever floats ya boat though...

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Apr 29, 2004 12:32 pm

Well, I don't use Cuabase, but I guess it depends on how you would be making your drum pattern. For instance, a seperate sequencer, like fruity loops, makes it a lot easier. It's very visual and makes it easy to arrange/rearrange sections. But, if you are making your beats on a drum machine, or with a keyboard or something similar, it wouldn't be too difficult to record that directly into cubase. I personally use cool edit pro for my multitracking software, and sequencing a beat in that program is a pain in the ***, so I don't do it.

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