"the lights" new song up.

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so this is a song where i tried some different things from my normal mixing techniques. for instance, i basically made two mixes, for two distinct sections of the song, i was hoping to make it sound kind of like you were entering into a dream, and as the song comes out of the bridge make it seem like suddenly you snapped out. i also put some effects at the very beginning.

i don't really like using too many effects in very obvious ways, for my band's music i think it would detract, and plus we don't want to do anything we can't reproduce live. those wave sounds at the beginning for instance, are from my korg. anyway i was trying to use a subtle bit of eq-ing and reverb to differentiate the bridge from the rest of the song, not in just the chord changes aka "oh look it's a different part of the song", but the actual tonal quality. tell me if it worked at all... or let me know how i could go about it better. any other comments are more than welcome too.

www.columbia.edu/~ug2102/song/ - the file is "the_lights.mp3"

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Mar 22, 2004 10:30 pm

I could only listen at low volume tonight, but i will give it another listen a bit louder tommorrow. The changes seem very subtle, that could just be the mp3 though. Listening louder may make them a bit clearer, but we will see tommorrow.

Otherwise, I liked the arrangement and the sound of the tune. Your voice fits in very well as a side note.

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