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Currently planning new project studio (moving from existing smaller space) and need decent
cabling solution. As the studio has evolved the original placement of the six 2 gang wall sockets is no longer ideal so the ability to move mains sockets around as things grow is very attractive. Have been considering the Gilflex system 38 (link at end of post) as I need a 3 compartment system,2 data/comms and one mains power. Before I get started I was wondering if anyone else can suggest/prefer other
systems particuarly any which provide for fairly small diameter vertical "branches" to link up with desk height equiptment (which I dont think the Gilflex does).
P.S. I think a busbar system will be out of reach for me, although I have not been able to get a real handle on the cost. Any general guidlines on busbar main track costs per metre would be greatly

TIA all.

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Czar of Midi
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Nov 13, 2003 10:05 pm

I dont have much help for yo as Im in the US. But after taking a look at the link I need to find a distributer over here that sell that buss track. Most of what availabel over here is smaller and not set up to do that.

About your other thought, yes a bussbar is a great way to go, but as yo stated it is a bit costly, and you also need to then add a seperate data line tray. So that system 38 looks like a great start. I would think they might have modifiers that will allow for smaller outlines for going to a desk or what have you.

Not sure about the pricing, I dont think it is American dollars, but if it is then the costs are not that bad compared to what I have looked at over here.

If I come accross anything I will surely let you know. On the ohter hand maybe jues or flame will stop by and see yoru post as well. They are both in the UK and might have a hook up for ya.


Since: Nov 13, 2003

Nov 14, 2003 02:16 pm

I have included at the end a reply from a spark on a U.K newsgroup,seems this Gilflex system is highly rated. Re your distribution in the U.S if Gilflex isn't available I did stumble across the MK Electrical site who appear to distribute

globally. That PowerLink Plus system looks very tidy!

Any way heres that reply

I don't think you can get anything better than the Gilflex Dado Trunking system. It is the most popular amongst all us sparks because
it is so easy to install and the price is very reasonable. Depending on your total power consumption needs on this system, it might be worth your while to install a ring mains supply specifically for your studio, especially if your rewiring into a dado trunk. Or it can be
wired with 4mm csa' T&E to each power outlet in a radial circuit configuration. With either wiring method it will allow you to take as
many power sockets as you might need from a 20 amp radial or 30 amp ring circuit protection device.

> If you have nothing really fancy going into the trunk, other than power and some data wiring, then try to keep the cables in the top and bottom compartments only and then take the end tails into the main central space only when they are to be connected to an appliance
> point. This really helps to minimise the power to data interference that can be a problem with wiring in close proximity to each other.


Nov 14, 2003 04:01 pm

weirdest #($%ing plug ive ever seen.....

Czar of Midi
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Nov 16, 2003 01:37 pm

Its europian dude.

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