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Here are my requirements.......
-record drums, 8 inputs simultaneous.
-be able to interface with other musicians from afar, share and create music together, by mailing, emailing etc tracks, and creating songs from guitars from VT, Bass from CA and Drums from CA, bass from CT...etc
I need to be able to put effects on the stuff they send me....need effects on the package...
-they are on a budget of less than $400 or so'
-I can spend about 1200, want to take only laptop to mix on the road, no hardware
-I already have numerous mics, cables
-be able to take recorded stuff and give to someone who can master from whatever format I choose....Cubase, Protools etc...need

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Sep 01, 2003 03:03 pm

-record drums, 8 inputs simultaneous.

M-Audio Delta 1010

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Sep 01, 2003 03:50 pm

If you want to record 8 tracks simultaneously on a laptop mobily, you will have no choice but to have an external sound device, which odes mean extra hardware besides the laptop itself, you will need some sort of USB sound device as I have never seen a laptop with more than a simple 2 in-2out sound card.

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Sep 01, 2003 04:12 pm

I used to have the M-Audio Quattro USB (4 in, 4 out) - but it was a real POS, pops and glitches everywhere.

I would reccomend you look into a MOTU 828 Firewire, pretty pricey, but unfortunatly external gear is pretty expensive.

Failing that, if you are happy to record onto a normal desktop PC, then the Delta 1010 is about the best option (as Johnny said).

As for software - Logic or Cubase depending on which platform you are drawn towards - both companies do cutdown versions if you are on a budget.

As for file compatibilty, that won't be a problem with practically any sequencer.


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Sep 01, 2003 04:29 pm

Don't forget the Echo Layla laptop sound card. It is an actual sound card. The card itself is the size of any other laptop card and the breakout box is the same as the desktop layla. 8 ins and outs. I think it's about $700-$800. It might come with a good multitracking program, I'm not sure. It used to come with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.

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