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FYI: using adobe audition CS5.5.

Hey guys, I've had a right time of it! Doing a radio drama for dissertation, and our recording studio at Uni is absolute rubbish. I have clicks, pops, hissing etc. since it takes hours to set it up, then someone will come along after and change everything, but I digress.

I've come to terms with pops and clicks (but if anyone can help with that - I'm all ears!) what's bothering me A LOT now is 2 seperate sets of recordings done on 2 different days - one must have had air con on, the other didn't, but one sounds a lot better than the other. Here's the example:

GOOD: Suspect has been assigned a solicitor
BAD: Miss Neepa Ganatra. Are you ok to continue, Beth?

Now, Is there ANY WAY I can get the bad sounding like the good, or meet the two audio half way? Boosting any sort of clarity? Any effects to use? I've already used a filter on the bad ones to get rid of humming, and a hiss reduction. ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated, but recording again is NOT an option, so please.. oh please don't tell me that, I know that would be the better option!!! :p

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Apr 17, 2012 12:13 pm

The two sound pretty similar to me. What you have listed as bad sounds like some low frequencies are more prevalent compared to what you have listed as good. You can try to take an eq filter and cut some frequencies (try cutting from 500Hz and below, a little at a time) and see if that works.

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