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I just stumbled across this, thought others might enjoy it...while I am a bass player, sometimes I use bass synth or bass guitar to make quick bass stuff...I found this little bass guitar vsti that sounds decent and makes for cool bass lines, and it's free.

One set of sounds, no settings at all, it is what it is...kind of a neat little thing for quick compositional assistance, I thought.

Carry on.

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Since: Dec 04, 2007

Oct 02, 2011 02:36 pm

Yeah, I've used that before in the past, and it's pretty decent. It's a little tubby around the 250-ish hz range though, so a couple dB smooth cut around there can help.

Unless this is an updated version of the VST or something, in which case don't mind me lol.

Another decent free bass is Steinberg's VB-1

And the NI Kore2 player freebie and Kontakt free players had some good basses and guitars included.

And one final thing: Revitar2 went free awhile back, and it's great for a chord strumming VST after tweaking some settings if you run it through an amp sim.

Nutshell, there's a ton of pro-quality freebies out there if you look hard enough xD <3 KVR

Since: Apr 03, 2002

Oct 02, 2011 03:30 pm

Oh totally forgot about VB-1, thanks for the reminder, I will have to add that to my newly redeveloping arsenal!

I'll check out Revitar2, sounds interesting, could be very useful as well.

I wonder what the value would be of developing a rotating list of free VSTi's with rating systems to always keep the best toward the top...


Since: Dec 04, 2007

Oct 02, 2011 05:32 pm

I like the idea. Could be a bit of work for the rotations. I try to point people to KVR and sometimes Bootsy's plug-ins over at the variety of sound wordpress site when the discussions come up. Quick mentioned smartelectronix which is another good site along with tweakbench.

Sadly, the good old Kjaerhus's Classic series can't be acquired easily anymore since his business went bankrupt and his site is no longer there. :( I still have the Classic series, and I can provide em to anyone who wants em. I don't think they're non-redistributable since they were freebies.

There are some good free samples out there too in sfz format. I recently downloaded the Salamander Grand Piano samples, and they're pretty damn good. They only seem to work well with the old sfz VST though. (not sfz+ since oddly enough it doesn't have sfz support)

But yeah, I'm sure a lot of us can come up with some stuff for that. I've got quite a few free VA soft-synths that I like; namely stuff from TAL, GTG, and ugoaudio (Rez3 PWNS!) and some of U-HE's freebies.

Also have the free "player" versions of some of the big name packages. (Alchemy Player, Kore2 player, The free NI bundle (has kontakt player, reactor, guitar rig 4, and some other stuff) SampleTank2 free, Amplitube freebie) Zebralette is a lite version of zebra 2 that is capable of some nice sounding stuff.

The only thing I really really lack are some good free classical choir VST. I'm still using the KBH (battle for wesnoth) and Papel soundfonts for choir sounds >_< I'd love to move away from soundfonts period though, and I've almost achieved that haha. I still have a couple good violin and some solo brass SF2's that I layer with other stuff.

Er, yeah....there's a lot of stuff out there that is legitimately free, and very good quality. I also like to take a look at new free synths as they come out. Some of em are kinda "meh" but some of em have some nice character and some interesting sounds. :)

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