What is the whole metal guitar home computer recording process?

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Hey guys, im a complete noob on recording and I lack even a basic understanding of how to do it.
I want to capture my amp using a sm57 (ive read countless times this is the mic to use for amp recording and distortion), but where does the mic plug in?
I've read about mic pre amps, mixers, external usb sound cards.. and other peices of equipment, but... what the heck are those?
Cannot i not just plug that sm57 straight into my mac or pc?
I have a pod hd 500, but the distortions are complete rip offs and pieces of crap. They sound horrible. This pod is being returned soon. Also recording with the pod sounds terrible. Im returning this for a sm57 or ive heard to use two sm57s, but what else do i need? This seems like a complicated journey and i need somebody to explain it to me... please god! I've been searching and reading for like 3 days straight now, and still am clueless.
Also, what recording software or interface is best for recording. I mainly do covers of songs and put them on youtube, but i also do serious recordings, but i was just plugging my amp via line in into my computer and the quality sucked, Im looking for the legit tone now.

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May 24, 2011 07:04 am

In order to go from your mic to your computer, you'll need an interface. I use a Line6 UX2 ( line6.com/podstudioux2/ ) which has two mic inputs and two instrument inputs. This device comes with the Pod Farm so I usually record direct from my guitar and use the Pod Farm for my effects. You can also put a mic in front of your amp and bypass the Pod Farm effects if you have the sound you're looking for already dialed in.

This works with your recording software on your computer (Reaper, Cake Walk, or whatever you use). The UX2 plugs into your computer via USB so you don't need to go through the sound card.

I'm not endorsing the UX2, that just happens to be what I use.

A lot of people prefer to record instruments dry (no effects) and apply the effects afterwards through the DAW.

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May 30, 2011 11:28 pm

In your case, getting hooked up properly is the way to go, for now, CLayneFarr. For recording, that is. Jovhato's advice is perfect--I have the UX2, and his advice is right on. No, you can't plug an sm57 into the computer directly. Get a do-it-all interface like the UX2, some software for recording, and read up. Expect to spend at least a couple of weeks checking things out and tweaking this and that. If you're serious about the whole thing, expect to spend the next few months getting stuff into the 'puter that sounds reasonable. Then expect a few more months getting better at it, and then a few years honing your chops with recording software (I recommend starting on Magix Music Studio--it's cheap, and you can graduate into their big daddy, Samplitude, after you figure out the basics--and more--in Music Studio). It's impossible to explain this to you in a little bit of time, but if you really want to do it, you'll sit down and try to do it, no? You got one thing right--it is a complicated journey, and a long one.

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