Ramones/Screeching Weasel Pop Punk Mix... Feedback?

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Worked on a mix for a few hours this evening and I'm definitely not that satisfied with it but I feel as though it's a decent foundation to start making changes from. Suggestions?

One major issue I'm having is the hi hat bleed in my overheads. It's always been a bane of almost every record I do and I still haven't been able to solve it... the hi hat just CRUSHES everything else coming through the overheads and is so harsh its unreal. I've recently been doing an xy configuration with a pair of c451b's right over the kick between two crashes (approx 2 feet above the cymbals themselves). I've built an 'isolator' box packed with foam that I stick around the back half of the hi hat to try and kill some of it but it still dominates my overheads to the point where I want them down so far that cymbal hits then won't be heard. Even with automation it hasn't been fixed either. With the style of music it's pretty essential to have a very dominant kick and snare cutting through as well which I don't think I've full achieved...

Other thoughts? Any critiques are very welcomed and encouraged... rip it apart and help me build from scratch if need be! Still learning and trying to get everything right so all advice would be great! Thanks in advance!

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Apr 19, 2011 06:18 am

maybe a stab in the dark, but i know melodyne can separate notes in chords,
maybe can separate hi hats on O/H's?

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Apr 21, 2011 01:23 am

Did you run this through a hard limiter or any other mastering techniques before posting (compression/eq on the master bus, etc.)?

I would say that I love this song! Though I am not super familiar with this style of music, I feel like the kicks aren't really coming through the mix as much as they could and the vocals are not emphasized in the mix enough either. I think the low mid frequencies are doing too much, and I think it could be helped if you turn down the rhythm guitar a bit. Turning that down might help the kick as well as the vocals, so that would be my first and main suggestion. The hats don't sound bad in the mix right now.

Hope some of that was useful.

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Apr 25, 2011 03:06 pm

Regarding your hats.... I don't think you are going to be able to do much about it. This resposibility lies solely on the drummer. The overheads are always going to pick up the hats. but... just thinking now... maybe you could close mic the hi hat and then flip phase on it to see if you can get it to hide in the mix. You may also be able to find the fundamental frequency of the hi hat and notch it out a bit using eq.

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