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Hi everyone,
I am using this post in several places around the internet to get as much advice as I can about how to go about setting up my home studio.

Iíll try and be brief, but Iím afraid that lots of questions need to be asked, and while it would be nice to get information about everything from one person or source, I donít think thats going to happen.

These are pieces of kit I have decided upon... I already have Guitars/Bassís and amps... So thats not an issue.

I want to get a Vdrum drum kit (for noise resons) probably the new td9.

I will be using Pro Tools, via PC, with Reason 4/5.

Heres what I need help with.

Firstly Iím looking at options for interface between all instruments and Pro Tools...

A studio in a box (such as the korg D16xd Ė or current equivalent d3200??) to record all instruments (including Vdrums) and connect to PC via usb to load files into Pro Tools. Then from there, rewiring Reason for all other parts.

The Pro Tools M box solution.. As I understand, this gives you an interface that allows you to record straight to hard drive on PC into Pro Tools. (Some more info on this would be cool if theres anyone out there using such a system.. Even the website doesnít seem to fill in some of the blank areas for me.) Do I need any other equipment, will all the things I have already DI straight into these, can I plug mics in and record that way... Its all a bit grey :P

I also need a midi keyboard... Now Iím not a keyboard player, but I can get by for home recording. So I donít need something amazing, but I do need something that works perfectly with Reason, as this will be the rest of my band (strings, effects, Synths, etc) Do I need full size? Or would a shorter keyboard be enough. General advice in this area would be appreciated.

Thanks all for this initial help, Iíll come back with more as and when you good folks start talking to me..

Thanks in advance.


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Mar 09, 2011 11:37 am

If you want to play in the ProTools world, you are pretty limited in interfaces to whatever Digidesign will allow you to use.

If you are willing to reconsider ProTools you will open up a world of options for possible interfaces, and likely save a lot of money too.

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Mar 09, 2011 11:57 am

Yes I would.. I have used Cubase in production before, and if I was to go down the cubase route, it would answer my problem with interfaces as I would use a studio in a box as suggested before.
That way pre-amps, phantom power et-al are taken care of for me in one compact and suprisingly useable box. (I have also used one of these before with excellent results)

I want a studio thats easy to use, so if Pro Tools complicates maters then I'll stick with what I know..


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Mar 09, 2011 01:21 pm

Personally, I'd recommend sticking with what you know. There is absolutely nothing that Protools can do that Cubase can't.

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Mar 10, 2011 02:55 am

I wouldn't necessarily go with a "studio in a box" thing... you can find an interface with phantom power, pres, multiple inputs, etc, that will allow you to record directly to computer instead of recording to the box and then having to do an extra step of transferring it to the computer. I don't know the names of the good ones, but I know they exist... even connect through USB or firewire.

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Mar 16, 2011 06:18 pm

Hi I'm new to this site and fairly new to home recording as well, but I have an MBox 2 Pro Tools set up, and I'm very pleased with it. I use a Mackie VLZ mixer for mic's and instrument inputs, but the MBox also has mic, direct inputs and midi in and out. And I can also use the MBox as the sound card for my Sonar and Cubase as well. It's not just limited to Pro tools.

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Mar 17, 2011 06:18 am


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Mar 21, 2011 08:20 am

I've built my studio around cubase using a phonic firewire mark2 streaming directly into the computer.
This is a great way to record as you have an interface with eq and faders however I've had lots of dramas with my phonic desk so maybe go with another brand .(check out my extended review of the phonic desk in the appropriate topic)
If you get a good desk this is all good. Pro tools does have its advantages tho like if you want to take your mix to a big studio you can't give them your cubase files (unless they use cubase) so you will have to bounce down individual wav files for every track.This isn't hard just time consuming.Maybe newer versions of cubase automate this process but mine doesn't.
That's propably the only reason I can think of to go protools and it still won't stop you. I bounced down an entire album to individual wav files and had it mixed by an engineer in a protools studio with fantastic results.

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