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I currently have a control room that is approx. 14.5'x15.5'. My mic room is approx. 5.5'x8'. The rooms are seperated by 2 sets of sliding glass doors. Its a great size for vocal and/or accoustic guitar recording but I have a dream one day of recording bands. People ask me to do it all the time now but a full drum set would not fit, for example.

However, if I could get buy off from the wife, I could swap spaces for my studio which would result in a slightly smaller control room but the mic room would be approx. 13.5'x7'. My thought would be to take the 2 sets of sliding glass doors from my current set up and divide that mic room into a vocal booth (approx. 5.5'x7') and an instrument room (approx. 6.5'x7'). I figured it would be cool to be able to record 2 different artists simultaenously in seperate rooms but not even sure if this is how it works. Like I said, this is a long term dream and I have a lot to learn...

Would this make any sense? Or would you rather have a single mic room as big as possible?

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Feb 16, 2011 05:53 am

small room for mic seems fine, its all about treatment really. There is no limit if u end up not recording two artists at once and moving ur vocalist out into the larger room for that larger sound, but for teh msot part the smaller room (if treated) should suffice.

Glass doors might pose a problem though

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