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First off, Happy New Year all!

Got a fairly extensive project I'll be working on, and I'll possibly post some snippets here. I got involved with a niche game community called Gradius Homeworld, which is a small group of folks who create fan-based games around the Gradius theme. (Side-scrolling space shooter back in the 80's made by Konami) And offered my services if anyone wanted or needed custom music or sounds done.

Anyway, long story short, got in touch with one of the mods who's working on something, so I'm going to be working on remixing those old NES/MSX melodies into something more extensive and modern sounding. This fan-based-project could take a few years. Should be fun though! =]

I'll update this thread as I make progress though.

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Jan 02, 2011 06:45 pm

That sounds awesome! Will you be sampling the original sounds at all or just recreating the melodies on your keyboards, etc.?

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Jan 02, 2011 09:15 pm

Edit: Rough Draft/mix is up in my profile. Pretty happy so far, not 100% on the third section where the violin comes in. Kinda busy, and the transition is a bit sudden for my like. I may extend the middle and make a smoother transition and then rework the ending/tail so that it loops nicely.
Well, my goal is to bring the music up to more current trends to fit with the rest of the project. I won't be doing any sampling, but I do intend to create a soundset that should marry well with the graphics and overall feel. (he should be sending me some screenshots at some point) Some of the music leads/harmonies I create might be pretty similiar to some of the original sounds. But as the original melodies are pretty simple, I plan to expand on them a little. Basically, stay close to the source material, but add more complexity/intricacy to it all.

I will be doing everything from scratch using my keyboards and VST software. Should be pretty fun, and I'm already starting to experiment with ideas for the "intro-flight" music which plays a bit when a stage starts then fades out as the main landscape comes into focus, and the main theme starts playing..

What I'm going to aim for is primarily electronic soundscape with some orchestral or possibly rock elements depending on the music and stage themes. The solo violin from miroslav that is included in the sampletank-2 freebie sounds pretty decent so I intend to use it for a few things. I've also been playing around with Revitar a bit, and doesn't sound too bad after being run through an amp sim. I also intend to use my Korg R3 for the electronic/synth parts. And, of course, Jamstix 3 (just upgraded) for the drums.

As far as I know right now it's one guy (one of the moderators) who's working on both the graphics and the code. But there's other people on the forum who released some pretty good fan-based games. And they tend to communicate with each other quite a bit in the development area.

But yeah, there's like 6 games he wants to bring to current "3D models-in-2D-Background" trend of scrolling shooters. I full expect this whole thing to take 5 years or more lol!

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