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Marijuana Czar
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Hey so I've had this problem before but with Fl Studio
What happens is I set up my Behringer mixer n usb to the laptop,
(alt 3-4 of mixer into inputs of usb, outputs of usb into the monitors)
and go to use Cubase, only to find that the volume is extremely loud, unbearably so.

in windows audio devices, it says ive turned the volume of the pc riiiight down, except it doesnt make a difference to the cubase' volume. it still comes blaring out of my monitors.

ive got a gain/trin knob on the back of the monitors which doesnt make much of a difference, its still too loud even after -6dB

The only way that ive found to turn it down is to actually turn down the stereo out on the mixer in cubase, but doing this isn't ideal as it screws up my general idea of each channels dB.

and no i dont want to route the volume back into the mixer to control its volume via sliders or whatever, it completely changes the monitors. obviously, as they would then be running through a mixer and a preamp.

please help!

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Since: Nov 27, 2007

Jan 02, 2011 08:39 am

Hey man i tried to have a look at your mixer online.
Are you sayin the mixer doesnt have a usb port, so you are going, mixer out, into a seperate usb connection, then into computer?

Does that mean your meant to be using your computers soundcard?
or is the usb contraption meant to be the soundcard?

If your using the compys, then there is another section in windows called "windows mixer" There you'll find level faders, such as, line in, mic in, etc. Its been a while for me as i use Mac but i think you'll find thats where you wanna be to adjust things.
Probably the line in or some thing to that affect. its most likely cranked.

If you still want more vol trim, see if you can find on your mixing desk a "+4 to -10dB Pad."
Its most likely on +4 and you can switch between that and a
-10dB for instruments with touchy gain or louder vols.

That might help you out a bit if you need it, but generally i woudnt of thought that is it, its most likey the windows mixer.
Provided everything on the desk is setup right.

If your usb is device is meant to be a soundcard then you dont wanna be using the compys soundcard at all, so you'll need to choose that as the "audio device" in "sounds and audio devices".

Hope something here helps.

Marijuana Czar
Since: Oct 01, 2009

Jan 03, 2011 08:41 pm

yeah it's one of the old 1204fx's that comes with a device called the UCA200 (there's also 202)
already chosen the usb as the audio device (automatically happens upon connection), so im guessing that its a soundcard,
and that im bypassing the pc's soundcard. (made sure it wasnt using the pc's devices at all)
and no pads im affraid, so that one I can't do

when cubase or fl studio is open, and ive chosen behringer usb codec or some **** like that as the ins n outs in device setup,
using the volume control in the windows mixer doesnt work, im guessing thats normal though right?

btw im using win 7
Since: Nov 27, 2007

Jan 03, 2011 09:41 pm

yeah thats right, no need to worry about the windows mixer if your usb device is your soundcard.

seen this at all?

Might help.

dont worry about the pads, shouldnt be needed in this case at all.
if set up right then this vol issue shouldnt be happening.

Did you only just start using this stuff or had it a while?

see if this link helps then come back with the reults and we'll see if we cant get thru it.

Marijuana Czar
Since: Oct 01, 2009

Jan 06, 2011 09:49 am

hey, i had a look on that site n it seems like ive done everything according to plan
a lil differently of course because im using windows 7, but yeah
i remember seeing that page a few months ago when having problems setting things up at first

ive had this gear for over a year, but ive always made do with fl studio by turning down the main volume (not the master vol) and turn it back up when exporting.
its just that im reaching the limits of what fl can offer so i tried using cubase again and the volume thing happened again, and worse.

ehh it aint lookin good aha
if i cant fix this thing then ill be trapped on fl forever lol
Since: Nov 27, 2007

Jan 06, 2011 08:26 pm

If you know for sure everything is right, then i would try reinstalling Cubase again.

I cant say ive ever had this issue with Cubase.

What do your vst connections say, in "devices" in cubase?

Dont worry man we'll work this mother out.

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