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im getting a bit deeper into cubase, the lesson for today was the Drum Editor so it gave me the chance to ask what ive always wanted to ask, the ways and techniques of creating drum beats for various genres - trip hop/downtempo, tribal, drum n bass, breakbeats, techno, idm/glitch and anything else that electronica uses. im really interested to experiment on all of them. i have some experience on drum loop manipulating and creating beats on FL when i was using this software years ago, i have never used a drum machine but ive been told they are very powerful (i hear Kontakt, Battery & Superior Drummer are among the best machines), and drum editor is something new to me too. so which way (and the combination between them) in your opinion matches best for each genre, generally speaking of course because the techniques are endless i assume. also where is it best to use drum loops and where use separately kick/snare and hi hats. this is one of the most important aspects in making music so im really interested to hear your opinion guys. thanx

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Aug 01, 2010 12:55 pm

I don't like using loops really because they have all been used before, I like creating my own...all I do, really, is start with a simple kick/snare trade off on up beats and toss a hihat in at 1/8 notes or so for starters...then as the song develops, remove hihats and add cymbal accents and fills where they are most needed, that is dictated by the song itself as it's created and arranged, the locations for fills and accents are pretty self-evident generally.

That is an incredibly simple look at it, but it's my two cents.

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Aug 01, 2010 07:33 pm

make that 4 cents.
i agree with dB, loops are pretty standard.

I use easy drummer, i like to grab set up the whole song using loops then go back after ive dropped in my notage and then custom the whole thing, change kicks, snares, rolls, drop in some chokes stops, starts, custom prec. etc.

i just use the cubase drum map but EZdrum SD2 has a sequencer ive yet to muck with, i will probably curse myself for not using it once i find out its gonna make my drums sound better, but the drum map in Cubase seems to work good for me so far.
As for techniques, be prepared to cutn and paste, copy and pay attention to velocities and you'll be good.

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Aug 02, 2010 12:00 am

I don't know anything about cubase or drum editor, but in order to delve into each style creative wise, you should first listen very carefully to the style for each electronica sub-genre you mentioned. You can't replicate a style unless you have a good grasp of what that style entails. With that in mind, you will probably notice that you could use a standard drum kit/drum machine for something like techno, trance, most idm and drum n bass. Trip hop/breakbeat you will probably want to chop some drum loops up and make your own loops out of them with a sampler (software or otherwise). Glitch I have no idea, but it sounds to me like hardware samplers with knobs that can be turned are used, but I'm sure you duplicate that with software, I'm just not entirely sure how. But really all styles, you could do with a software drum machine/sequencer but you just have to really understand drums. I say experiment and you will learn a lot that way.

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Aug 07, 2010 07:45 am

thanx for the support and your tips guys, i really appreciate it. i dont really like using other contemporary artists loops and ive never done that, i believe a genuine artist who believes in his music has to do everything by himself from scratch, that of course involves to "mimic" others, by trying to recreate himself these elements or sounds or drum beats, in order to understand how all this works and what kind of tools have to be used. i think its the only way to the knowledge, afterwards a specific direction can be followed, since you already know how to do this or that, from IDM to Drill n Bass or breaks, as long as you know the "How To". But i really like making various samples from my favorite old jazz or funk albums, and then manipulate them towards electronica direction. i recently discovered (better late than never) about THE beat slicer, the most essential tool for jungle music, and im really excited now cos i know it can be used for IDM or any other music that involves complex beats or complex audio precessing. Acid Pro, Renoise, Recycle, Phatmatik Pro & Intakt is what i hear some of best tools to do that. apart from that making drum maps is what i have to learn to do as well and finally put my hands on drum machines, to be honest i hesitate a little cos they look a little alien to me but i have to overcome my fears :) it would be also nice if someone could recommend a few tools or plugins for glitch, if triggering knobs is needed for that i have a midi controller and could do that. thanx again people

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