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Hi all.
Here is a score I composed many years ago...

I'd be happy to know your opinion, if I have a chance of turning composing from a hobby to something more.

I wrote this score using OpenMPT and samples I found on the net, however the sound quality is pretty low, so:

Which is the best software to use to create an orchestral film soundtrack, like this one by Hans Zimmer:

I am sure that Hans Zimmer used an orchestra to perform this one, but I am wondering if there is a PC software to create a new, completely original score, without doing any studio recording, and using only a PC.

*Edit: Those midi proggies are not giving good enough sound quality needed for writing a soundtrack for the film industry.I need a program to create something very similar to the Hans Zimmer score. I need to have control of each and every note, like I did in OpenMPT.
Thanks guys!

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Czar of Turd Polish
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Jul 29, 2010 12:23 pm

can;t see vids at work but; there is definitely pc software to do what you want. some other midi guys will poke their heads up im sure.

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Jul 29, 2010 03:57 pm

Hi Sunny, and welcome to the HRC.

I remember good ol' MPT. Before it was OpenMPT at least, it's one of the things I started out with back in the late 90's when I first got more serious in writing music. And then I moved on and got a DAW later on.

For doing the actual scoring, take a look at musescore. It is an open-source software for notation and scoring.

For getting the "big hollywood sound" Most composers will indeed record an orchestra. Or at the very least, record key instruments and fill in the rest using VST like Project-SAM, Vienna Symphonic Library, or the EastWest Orchestral software (a.k.a. EWQLSO) or possibly Synful Orchestra.

Links: -- Project SAM -- EWQLSO -- Vienna Symphonic Library -- Synful Orchestra

EWQLSO has a freebie with some select sounds that can get you started if you combine it with some other samples and sounds.

Of course, none of the paid libraries are cheap. (Synful being the cheapest at around $480)

I myself have always been tempted by Synful because it tries to go beyond being a sampler in that it tries to read the midi note groupings and interpret them as a live player would via formant and other synthesis tricks. The sounds themselves were a little lacking in some cases, but that was when I last checked on it a few years ago. However, I still felt it was a very expressive library, and any lacking sounds could be supplemented/layered with another library. I've heard quite a few improvements have been made on the instruments recently.

So, you could indeed, write the score, and then export each individual instrument as a midi file, then load the midi files into a DAW like FL Studio, or Reaper, and then load in an orchestral VST to "play" the parts, get everything mixed and sounding how you want, and then render to a wav or mp3 file. However, do keep in mind that you simply cannot replace the emotive effect of a live orchestra, or even a partial orchestra, or supplemented live players with VST and software alone.

Edit: you could also check out KVR for different orchestral sets, and check the forums on the subject. Lot of good information and suggestions there! Avoid most of the freebie VST when it comes to orchestra sounds though as they usually don't offer the different articulations, and the sounds themselves on their own are rarely convincing. However adding them to a layer may help further flesh out an existing part.

I may chime in again if I think of something else.

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Jul 29, 2010 03:59 pm

I like what you did with your world in a drop. Like Cpt Tripps said, the software definitely exists, but I also do not know what would be the best...

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