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Edit: Quick update:
Re-uploaded at higher quality. Also mixed the levels a smidge differently, and adjusted some EQs. Added a smidge of verb to glue things together. Still a rough draft, and I may re-track with different sounds still. We'll see.

So with my recent editions this year, I finally managed to lay down a quick track. It's in my profile as Sh'M-UP Candy. I set it as download but not list, but then went back and changed it to list itself in member's music. Might take a bit for it to show up there, but you should be able to download it in my profile.

Anyhoo, I was talking to a friend of mine recently, and threw a half-jest saying that I had everything I needed to write any kind of spacey sh'mup track. So this was a concoction brought about by playing way too many gradius fan-made games recently and listening to the Gradius Gaiden soundtrack, and is meant to be video-game background music.

I also wanted to get in some time with Reaper since I'll most likely be ditching FL Studio soon since I'll be recording audio more, and I don't feel like upgrading just to be able to record audio. Reaper's a great piece of software as it is, and very intuitive. Though, I may still keep FL Studio around for midi-based work from time to time. We'll see.

So yeah, the track is a rough draft/concept, playing around with some ideas, few mistakes here and there that may or may not be obvious. Still, I wanted to get -something- down hehe.

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