Acid Pro 7 - No Sound through Monitors, but headphones do get sound.

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I just started using Acid 7. When I insert an audio track in Acid and test my guitar for sound I can never get any sound coming through my Mackie MR5 speakers. I am using a RME FireFace 400 interface and when I plug in my headphones into the jack of the FireFace 400 I can hear sound from my guitar, but when I unplug the headphones and just use the Mackies I have no sound. I see the audio signal meters in Acid moving up and down whenever I strum my guitar so there is an audio signal coming through that Acid recognizes. The monitoring button is turned orange and the track is "armed to record", so it must be a wrong setting in the preferences section under the "audio interface" tab in Acid. The Mackie's are plugged into the back of the FireFace 400 under output jacks #5 and #6. The Mackie's work when I surf the internet or play Cd's, but not in Acid. Any ideas of what I am forgetting? What should my settings be under the "audio interface" tab in acid if the Mackies are hooked into output jacks #5 and #6 in the FireFace 400? My choices under the "Audio Device Type" are ASIO Fireface, Microsoft Sound Mapper, Direct Sound Surround Mapper, and Windows Classic Wave Driver. Everything but "ASIO Fireface" makes sound come out the Mackies when I strum guitar, but there was no "Mackie ASIO" choice to select from under "Audio Device Type."

Also, when I record my guitar playing and then stop it and play it back, I can't hear the recorded guitar unless I go back to "Audio Device Type" and select "Microsoft Sound Mapper." Isn't there a way to listen real time what I'm playing on guitar and then also playback a recorded track without having to switch "Audio Device Type" to "Microsoft Sound Mapper"? There should be a way to do everything on the same audio device type.


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