Logic sequencing workflow, what's the big deal?

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Seems like most people recommend Logic for sequencing because the workflow is very intuitive. I took a look at a few videos showing how Logic sequences in Piano roll and Hyper Editor modes. Piano roll mode works just fine in PT for step sequencing, unless there's features in Logic piano roll mode that I haven't seen yet. The hyper editor looks like it would speed things up with it's ability to let you drag a continuous loop of a midi event with volume automation corresponding to vertical mouse movement. Curious if anyone out there could tell me some more sequencing benefits in Logic that make its workflow so intuitive.

At first glance, I almost want to say this workflow difference is a little too hyped up. Seems like PT 8 can be just as productive with the right mindset.

Any sequencing tips for PT in general?

(Why am I asking this on HRC??? No one uses this DAW haha)

Thanks in advance!

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