Omnisphere, Acid Pro 7, and PC Optimization

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Hello, and thanks for checking out the post! I use several CPU/RAM intensive VSTi's (& VSTi FX) and wondered if anyone had figured out any more subtle tricks of the trade regarding PC optimization? I understand not to have too many processes running, to defrag/generally maintain, etc. and am not looking for that kind of general advice really.

The event that made me want to ask: In this situation I had eleven (11) VSTi's receiving input from the sequencer and upon loading the eleventh (which was Spectrasonics' Omnisphere, a very PC-Intensive synth), it reported that it was "out of memory." I don't understand this given that Acid reports that only 12/4096 mb's of memory are being used. My machine is a quad core i7 2.83 GHz with 8GB RAM, 1GB GPU, and a Delta 44 M-Audio PCI Card running Windows 7 x64. I'm not sure why Acid reports 4 GB's of memory, but even so I wouldn't think Omnisphere would be running out of memory. While it seems to be a memory issue rather than processing power issue, could it have to do with the fact that Acid Pro 7 is x32 bit?

Or what other aspects determine the amount of RAM a set of applications can address?

Thanks again to anyone determined enough to read through this!!!

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