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So we have the Lexicon Omega desktop recording studio. I followed the manuel...set everything up right. I went to test my mic and recorded and tried to playback...and it wouldn't work! It is killing me! I tried everything....searched the manuel and I seriously just can't figure it out! Can somebody PLEASE help me?

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Prince CZAR-ming
Since: Apr 08, 2004

Jan 07, 2010 08:22 pm

Hello Kristen, welcome to the HRC, and too bad your entry is under duress.

Anyway, i'm gonna walk through the steps, as I can't readily see what's going on through the screen.

Legend: LO = Lexicon Omega CLE = Cubase LE4

You've got the LO connected, and drivers installed.

I don't know what software you're using, so i'll assume its cubase le4, as you posted in the other thread.

you'll want to tell CLE to use the LO as its input and output. Possible choose ASIO as the software interface if possible, or you can use WDM as well. Both are good. This should be in some preferences, or options page.

You'll need to probably create a track in CLE, to accept signal.

You'll probably need to ARM the track, which tells CLE to listen on an input. I don't know how CLE does this, but hopefully it's easy to figure out.

Now, with the mic plugged in (you don't say which mic) you should see some signal on an input meter in CLE.

- sidestep - depending on what mic, you may need phantom power turned on. dynamic mics (SM57, SM58 are popular choices) don't need phantom power, but condenser mics (AT2020, MXL line, Rode, etc) do need phantom power, so turn it on if you need it.

So, hopefully you see some signal in CLE on that track. pressing RECORD should write any source signal to the track, and you should see the waveform created inside the track.

After the signal has been written in the track, you should be able to PLAY and it will play the sound.

If you are using ASIO, then you can only have 1 interface (or sound card / device) being used at a time. This means that if your speakers are plugged into your onboard sound, and you're recording with the LO, then you're output wont get to the speakers. To keep using ASIO, you would need to plug the speakers into the LO and tell CLE to use the LO as output (if you didn't already). If you want to keep using the onboard sound for playback, then switch your software inferface driver to WDM instead of ASIO. WDM can use different devices at the same time, whereas ASIO can't (usually).

Let me know how things match up against what I've posted, and we can better get to the root of the problem.

Czar of Turd Polish
Since: Jun 20, 2006

Jan 08, 2010 01:46 pm

I think PJK probably nailed it with the "speakers connected to your LO" portion.

Most folks think that playback will go through the computer speakers when they hit play, it does not, it goes back into the LO and can be monitored via the headphones jack (a requirement for tracking seperate takes so the previous audio (say guitar) does not bleed into the current take (say vocals)) or by connecting speakers to the main outputs of your LO.

The best way to do this is purchase some powered monitors and run them from the LO. A cheap way to do this is to run the main outputs from your LO to the "line input" on your computers soundcard (this will require some adapters to convert the outputs to 1/8"). You can then just crank the LO volume and use your PC speakers to control overall volume.

Ok, I may be way off base and will stop typing.

Simple test to see if we are even on the right track, plug some headphones into the phones jack on your LO and see if you can hear playback.

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