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I own a Fostex FR-2 portable field recorder. I've been using either rechargeable NiMH AA batteries which don't give me a long recording time, or a make-shift battery which lasted well but has recently stopped working. I am trying to find out what other options there are for external battery packs like the EcoCharger EC-90, which seems to be unavailable now. Could someone please advise me. Thanks!


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Czar of Midi
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Aug 07, 2009 09:35 pm

I know BH has them on back order and I found Ecosystems page. for the battery kit although it now lists it for a different recorder.

Have you given any though on having a lithium Ion pack built up for it. Charge life should be similar to the lead acid battery that the EC-90 is based on. And the nice thing with the Li-ion battery is it can be completely drained with no ill effect unlike the lead acid battery which will be nearly useless after it has been completely drained just once. And I do believe the Li-ion should be a bit less expensive even though you may have to have one custom built, unless you are capable of doing a battery pack.

It is fairly simple to do if you have even a little above par soldering skills.

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