Randy Rhoads "private" lesson from GuitarWorld.com

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Here's a cool little lesson preserved from one of Randy's former students:


Randy Rhoads was the biggest influence on my in my early years of learning the guitar. If it wasn't for his playing on the live recordings that would become Ozzy's Tribute album, I don't think that the guitar would have been an interesting enough instrument for me to stick with. Pouring over the tabs to Tribute basically got me through high school. I still stumble and fumble through Crazy Train, Believer, I Don't Know, Children Of The Grave, Iron Man, No Bone Movies, Paranoid, all those Tribute songs. I can't play them as well as I once could, but I still derive a deep deep pleasure from breaking a sweat over those songs.

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Mar 21, 2009 04:59 pm

I have that issue stored away in plastic. Along with several others on Rhoads as well as Zappa and a few others.

Have you checked out RhoadsScholar.com? There is some cool stuff there as well.


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