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Hey all,

anyone have any experience with the Zoom H4n? I know its a rather new product, but it looks really cool and wanted some input before I dropped the $350.

Its a handheld with 2 built-in condensers (like most handhelds) plus it has 2 more mic/line inputs and it will record all 4 tracks at once. I dont think I have seen any handhelds that support 4 tracks at once. This seems like a good solution to grab a stereo board mix plus the ambiance from the stereo mics and mix them later.

Any thoughts?

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Czar of Midi
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Mar 18, 2009 07:28 pm

Surprisingly they sound very good. I was impressed with the fact it does have XLR with phantom power. I've not yet heard how long battery life is if running two phantom powered condenser's at once though. I'd be curious to see what that is myself. Might try a google later if I have time.

But audio wise and performance wise so far I have heard good things.

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