can't hear my source recordings when i record

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I am using cakewalk pro audio 9 to record on my pc. I am using a Behringer eurorack ub802 mixer to connect my guitar or mic to my computer sound card. i am taking the output from the tape out in to the sound card using a stereo rca jack into an 1/8 jack. if i put it in the "green" mic in, i get a recording signal but i can't hear what i am playing but it does record it. i can hear it only when i play it back. if i put it in the "blue" input i can hear what i am playing but i have no recording level on my recording track.

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Czar of Midi
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Dec 14, 2008 07:30 pm

Well, the stock PC sound card is not really meant for multi track recording. Most are not capable of both playback and record at the same time. And most are not set up with sufficient input gain to record a decent signal.

I'll assume the blue input is the line in. You might need to go to the windows audio control panel and turn it up or turn it on to record with. Default probably has it set to not record.

Just Me
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Dec 14, 2008 10:59 pm

You need to put the sound out from the mixer into the LINE IN on the sound card, should be blue, (the green is usually speaker out but could be mic in if you have a newer card)

Then you need to take the speaker or Line out if you have it, and run it back to the mixer to the RCA's in (2track in)

Make sure that in the audio control panel, (double click the vol icon in taskbar) to select the LINE IN under the recording properties as well

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