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What I am trying to accomplish is a dual-boot.

I need to have a second, separate drive on my system that I will use to record and edit professional audio software.
The drive needs to have as FEW programs running as possible in order to dedicate most of RAM and other resources to it.

I want to keep things like windows updates, anti-virus software, and a few other programs like that on the dual boot drive.

Basically.... need to have an environment where there is VERY little chance of software conflict and demand on RAM; other than the Audio software which requires the highest use of RAM and absolute LOWEST LATENCY.

*Will probably even turn off virus protection in editing mode*

The new drive is already installed with SATA to motherboard.
And would like to keep both drives on separate XP.

Cany anyone help help walk me thru the software configuration/set-up ?

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Oct 02, 2008 06:24 pm

Here's a couple articles in the tips section that dB wrote a few years ago. It's still applicable though.


This should help you slim down and streamline XP so it runs a bit more smoothly. Pretty good guide.

As for the dual boot itself:

That should get you going.


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Oct 02, 2008 10:20 pm

And you should not need Virus protection on the second drive. Simply include it in the scan from the main OS boot drive.

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