All effects inserted to a track are pre fader?

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I'm just confused about this whole pre and poat fader stuff.

Am I correct in assuming that all effects inserted to a channel strip are pre fader?

So if I attach a level meter(such as the one in Logic 8) to a channel strip it will go in the red even if the channel fader is set to a very low volume such as -18 db?

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Oct 01, 2008 11:30 pm

1) You should be able to choose pre or post (check the manual).

2) I'm failing to see why you'd want to insert a meter... 2B) If you need to roll something back 18dB, you probably tracked it way too hot. 2C) If it's in the red, you've most definitely tracked (WAAAAAAYYYYY) too hot already.

The meter on the track should read post-fade... Of course, that's probably an option also.

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