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I own an AKG perception 200 (w/ $100 pre-amp), m-audio audiophile usb, and i use sonar 4. If i had $200-300 to spend, what piece of equipment should i upgrade 1st in order to upgrade vocal quality?

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I am not a crook's head
Since: Mar 14, 2003

Sep 16, 2008 02:14 pm

Hmmm, tough call. What specific preamp do you have now?

Do you have any sound samples of your current recorded vocals so we can listen and give our opinions on what may be a weak link in your signal chain and/or engineering/producing technique?

Upgrading the quality of your vocals may be as simple as changing your micing technique, mixing, or application of effects.

Since: Sep 16, 2008

Sep 16, 2008 06:10 pm

let me put somethin 2gether and get back with you. How would i go able getting you some samples? Oh, and my pre-amp is a cheapo!

Veni, MIDI, Vici
Since: Jul 02, 2008

Sep 16, 2008 10:03 pm

GM, you can upload MP3 samples to HRC. Click on "My Account" (top of this page) and click "Manage Your Songs".

The best thing I did for my mics/vocals was buying a decent preamp: the ART MPA Gold.

Tadpui's advice is also very to the point. There are many factors that can influence the vocal quality.

I am not a crook's head
Since: Mar 14, 2003

Sep 17, 2008 12:55 pm

If your preamp is a cheapie, then I'd say (without knowing much else about your setup and techniques) that would be a good investment in improving the quality of your tracks.

The Perception mic isn't shabby by any means and should do a respectable job. So it sounds like having a good, clean preamp to plug it into would be a good thing.

The FMR RNP is a widely-used and frequently-recommended preamp that's a good step-up from most entry-level preamps. They run for $499 new, which is unfortunately outside of the price range you mentioned. The Groove Tubes Brick is a tube pre that's at that same price point of $500, and it also comes highly recommended as a step-up.

I keep hearing good things about ART's mid-range preamps like Nightcap mentioned above, just stay away from their entry-level tube preamps like the Tube MP and Tube MP Studio. They won't be much of an upgrade from whatever you're using now.

Prince CZAR-ming
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Sep 17, 2008 01:47 pm

to upgrade vocal quality

Don't underestimate the sound of the room. Spending time taming an unruly room will pay off way quicker than spending 300 on a mic / preamp / whatever.

(if the room is unruly in the first place)

But I agree with T, not hearing what's wrong, not knowing what preamp you have, etc. limits our ability to give detailed advice.

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