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Well hear we go with that Sears mic question again. I went out to my studio to do some more work on the plug in thing I posted earlier. But decided to give it a rest. I went back and remixed the "Old School Country" practice tunes I recorded a few weeks ago for some friends. I went back and narrowed the stereo feild quite a bit. So that is better now. But the "Mic" delima continues. We used the singers old Sears mic and we got alot of noise out of it. So I used a noise filter and cleaned it up a little (but lost some clarity). So posted are links to all the tunes. Many liked the sound of the "Sears mic, when I posted the original post. Im still on the fence. Its very bland but appeals to this vibe, like many of you mentioned in the original thread. Just need to get the thing cleaned or fixed before we try it again. Im posting all for your enjoyment.

The first 4 are the "Sears Mic". I filtered each differently and the results are heard.

Cattle Call

Back in the Saddle

Ghost Rider (noise filter set pretty good on this one)

Texas Plains

These two are a Shure 58. The vocals are cleaner, but I noticed that the Bass track has some noise. Its my studio Hartke 3500 and it has a DI built in the back of the amp. Well its a little noisey. I need to pick up a descent DI anyway. So if anyone can recommend one that is silent, let me know.

Jingle Jangle Jingle

Tumbling Tumbleweeds (My Favorite)

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Jul 25, 2008 05:15 pm

I fixed your links for you. There is no need to include the url tag in the line. It will automatically create a link when the regular url is typed in.

I'll take a listen later though. I've got some issues I'm dealing with at the moment.

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Jul 25, 2008 07:18 pm

Your'e on to something, Bushmaster. The Sears mic fits the bill very well for the old-timey sound for sure. Still quite a bit of noise though. It sounds as if there may be a wiring problem; maybe a hairline short or bad ground? Have you tried disassembling the mic and checking the connections? Sorry for the redundancy if you answered that in a previous thread.

The bass sounds believable too. Not too detailed (this is good). Overall, good authentic capture of the "sound." Thumbz.

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Jul 28, 2008 02:10 pm

Thanks. Yea we are gonna look at the mic when they come back out. I gonna multimeter it and check for shorts or leakage. May be a simple fix. Thanks for fixing the links Noize2u. Ive been sort of laid up for a few days. I got a real bad case of poison ivy. Been 20 years since I had it last. I ran into a big batch while mowing by the woods. Drs. put me on prednizone (sp). Its starting to get better. Bad thing is a have to mow again. Ill stay away from the woods :)

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