Fostex MR8- worth it?

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I just got my Fostex MR8 recorder for my birthday, and get rolling right away.

But there is an unforgivable fuzz on everything i record!!!. There is no background sound, when I run my mics through the amp they are crystal clear, and it's not the headphones or speakers I'm playing it back on.

Is this just how the MR8 is? Or maybe it's a problem since I bought it used? What could I do to get rid of the fuzz? DI Box?

Please help me,
Thanks in advance,

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Jun 15, 2008 09:18 pm

Are you cranking up the pre amps on the MR-8? That can induce some killer fuzz on those units. Otherwise try recording the channel with nothing plugged into it and see if it is indeed internal. I would suggest testing each input channel independently for noise, both with and without a mic plugged into each one separately. And make sure to completely turn down the gain on the channels not be tested ti insure they do not create anything that might confuse the issue.

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Jun 16, 2008 06:20 am

Welcome to HRC Kate!

I'm an amateur, but I second everything Noize has said. Try to make sure your inputs are set to unity, AKA 0(zero)DB. Pushing the faders above the solid gray line marked on between the min/max can introduce all types of fuzz or airiness to the signal.

You should be adjusting your input level via external inputs to the best of your ability, (I.E. amp volume, microphone proximity, etc,) with the faders set to, or close to Unity to the highest volume without clipping or distortion, then adjusting the volumes in the mixing stage.

If you get a chance, fill out your Bio section and let us know what gear you're working with. :)

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