Multiple sound cards, Audigy, M-audio 2496

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I would like to record to audacity thru my mixer via the 2496 m-audio card and playback thru either the audigy using my powered 4.1 pc speaker system, or the 2496 m-audio when mixing using the mixer headphones.

my set up is a behringer mixer rca tape ins and outs to the 2496 card, and my 4.1 pc speaker system connected to a creative audigy card.
i am having trouble getting audacity to see/use the 2496 card. also i cannot get a signal to the 2496 software mixer either.

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May 12, 2008 10:46 pm

There might be a tape button that needs to be pushed. Not sure which mixer you have but some of the smaller Behringer's need to have the button pushed to send the signal out the tape outs. So that could be why the 2496 isn't seeing any signal. That or the channel gain of what ever you are recording on the mixer is not turned up sufficiently.

I'll give you a little detail on the use of two different audio cards as you are intending. The Audigy is a budget level game type audio card. It is fine for that type of thing, but the internal clock is not going to match even the 2496 for timing. Now that is not to say the you won't get playback through it from Audacity as you probably will. But the audio timing may suffer slightly. And monitoring in the case of listening to the playback while recording new audio will be shakey as the two internal clocks will not be able to lock up. This is because the SB Audigy doesn't use the same type of clock sourcing as the 2496. What that means is you may end up with jitter or un-even audio recordings. It may not be noticable, but then again in the end it might ruin a project.

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