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Oooops... I posted this in the sofware section so sorry for the duplicate posting...


I'm new here and have picked up some fine ideas but do have a specific question regarding the routing of the Xenyx 2442FX/UCA200.

I just got the board and have been able to get some decent recordings out of it. No multi-track. I think I know how to get two individual tracks by pan hard right/left and setting s/w to accecpt LorR only and will try next session.

Equipment config:
- Behringer Xenyx 2442FX
- Behringer UCA200
- Behringer FBQ3102
- Naday SA900 pwr amp

My connections are as follows:
- FBQ connected via Main Inserts. Used for EQ of our sound to monitors.
- SUB1/2 out to UCA200 Inputs.
- Sub 1/2 selected (all 1/2 buttons depressed) for each channel on board to record.
- Sub 1/2 faders not routing to mains.
- All channels assigned to Mains (Main button depressed on all channels to Main outs to monitor playing)
- Main Outs to pwr amp

Problem: We are doing live recordings so all levels into recording software affect the output to mains (which are what we are using to monitor live sound in studio). If we adust for optimum recording levels, than Mains (monitor) are affected and cannot hear or levels too high on certain devices through our monitor output.

Question: What can we do to be able to adjust our Main/Monitor mix seperate from our output to recording software (via UCA200). We want to be able to monitor our sound thourgh our monitors but adjust levels to UCA200 without affectiong output to Mains.

Hope this all makes sense. I'm really new at this recording stuff and ohhh the buttons/knobs and jacks on the 2442FX...

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