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Hi all! i write this, maybe it will help someone who is desesperate as i was.
Ive switch my sound card from mia to layla24 and i start to have a clicking/popping problem. Ive set the buffer, try many different thing and i was about to give up. Finally it was my cable from 1/4 jack to rca that was making the card clicking. i can't explain why, but i use two regular jack from card to console and the same clicking jack-to-rca cable from out of console to sound system and no more clicking. maybe its something about balanced/unbalanced thing. Im not a super advance recorder, im sure someone here will be able to explain it. anyway, IM F****** HAPPY!!!!

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Czar of Midi
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Oct 16, 2006 10:15 pm

Glad you got it sorted out. And yes, some audio interfaces are picky about combining a balanced and un-balanced cable in the interface. It really should not be a problem but with some interfaces it is. Also the quality of the cable can make a differance as well. This doesnt mean you need the most expensive cables, but the really cheap low end cables can cause problems with noise as well.

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