problems with acid pro 2.0... beginner alert!

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i have got an ancient PC, with acid pro 2.0, and a behringer 1002fx mixer and have been using it to track some demos and a couple of local bands i know, and have so far been pleased with the raw, dirty results (made cheap, sound cheap ,i like it!)

i have been looking into mixing the tunes a bit better though, and have started exporting the separate wav racks into an audio editor (nero wave editor at the mo') fiddling with the eq and saving it as the same filename (which reopens the new file in acid.)

anyway, i did this to a drum track, opened it , eq'd it, saved it.. and when i put it back into acid the pitch had been increased slightly, it was faster and totally out of sync with the rest of the tune. (and using acids pitch control results in too much of a change ie the + and - commands.)

i am aware there is probably something glaringly obvious, but looking at the pitch controls and sample loading options i cant see anything.. i cant see anything in the manual as most of it is about loops etc and thats not what i use it for. could be i need to use a different program or something.

anyone know anything about this?

apologies for being new and daft!

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Aug 18, 2006 07:34 am

I would guess you probably saved the edited tracks at a different bit/sample rate, I don't think Acid 2 can handle each track being different bit/sample rates, they probably all have to be the same.

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Aug 18, 2006 07:40 am

hmmm.. i never thought of that.. will try that when i get in.

thanks very much!

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Aug 21, 2006 07:21 am

hi again. i tried altering the sample rates and keeping them consistent (41000 and 16 bit) but this didnt work. there is almost always a slight pitch increase on the drums.

this doesnt happen on some tracks though (certain guitar and vox tracks are fine!) only some of them (sods law.. its the important ones like drums!)

guess ill just have to get my drum eq-ing done on the desk on the way in! not ideal but "hey-ho... it's only a dem-o.." it just means i cant eq the wav drums i get off f-loops. aaaagh!

i have started using audacity for the wav editing. so far i've tried acoustica, audacity and nero wave editor with the same problem.. maybe soundforge will be different, although i can't see why (aside from the obvious sony affiliation...)

forgive me for being new but i think if i can crack this eq thing my mixes would sound a whole lot better!

thanks in advance.

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