Fruity Loops 5 with M-audio Keystation Pro 88 PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Ok I have run into a problem. I have fruity loops 5 on my computer and many plug ins, reasons, albino, sytrus, etc. and I recently purchased a M-audio keystation pro 88 midi controller to control FL and plugins. I have figured out how to link certain controls on FL and the plug ins, i just dont know how to save what i linked so that i dont have to reprogram all the controlls to my keyboard everyday. Also on the plugins only certain knobs give the "link to controller" option, how do i link the other knobs such as moving to the next/previous preset from my keyboard? Also if anyone is familiar with this keyboard it can be split up into zones, I need to know how to control different plugins with different zones on the keyboard in order to play more than 1 effect from the keyboard from different programs. If anyone can help me It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. thanks alot.

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Mar 17, 2006 10:53 pm

Well if you save the file itself, it should save all your settings as well. If it does not then that is a pretty weak link on Fruity Loops part. Every Cakewalk product I have saves everything I do in the project files, and that includes effect tweaks and controller assignments.

As for only certain controllers linking, that is very common, as some controllers are not automatable. Although again, everything I own from Cakewalk has almost every parameter automatable.

As for setting up your zones to play differant synths/effects. I dont own the keystation so I cant help ya out there. But I do believe it should be in the manual as to exactly how it is done. Otherwise, I suggest going to M-Audios website and downloading the manual there.

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