Worst weekend ever...

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Yo, dB... hurry up and sell that 8-track to someone else... every time I try to buy it I get in an accident.

Ok, lemme back up. It's Friday about 3:05pm. I'm driving my girlfriend, and 2 best friends home from school... I go to make a left turn and some dude comes flying over the hill and smashes into me. This wreck was much worse than my last one. It put my girlfriend in the ER. My 2 friends were ok, and I'm still not sure how I am, although I think I'm ok. Anyway, I spent all night Friday, missing my favorite band's last show, in the ER waiting room. It turns out she's ok... it looked a lot worse than it actually was... just a few bruises and a bloody nose... but let me tell you, watching the EMTs strap the person you love onto a body board with a neck brace and all is the scariest thing you will ever see. Needless to say dB, I never did get to the post office on Friday...

Saturday. I wake up just about noon, my head sends a message for me to reach for my shoes and then walk... ahh! Sorry. Listening to Modest Mouse again. But it was just about noon that I got up. Well I go to get on my computer and the screen is blank... so I restart... nothing... I restart again... nothing. So I re-install XP hoping to save my files... nope. Lost all my recording projects... and so much for my early start on my 10 page paper for my philosophy on life...

On a good note, my girlfriend's back at home and doing fine, and dB I'm gonna put your $25 in the mail tomorrow if you could just e-mail me your address again... I kinda lost all my saved mail...

So, how yous guys all doin'?

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Sep 08, 2002 10:05 pm

Dang, and I thought I had a bad weekend.

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Sep 09, 2002 01:28 am

im doin alright i suppose. i drink too much to erase the bad days. one of my friends actually just got out of the hospital as well. it wasnt life threatening, but his condition required a little more attention than regular doctors can do.

glad to hear that you all are ok after that wreck. ive lost a couple friends to car wrecks.. it never gets any easier to deal with heh. hell the wrecks themselves are bad enough.

anyway.. im rambling. but as i said, cool deal that everyone seems to be ok from the accident.

Since: Apr 03, 2002

Sep 09, 2002 05:23 am

dude, I am soooo sorry to hear your luck (or lack of it) that sucks...however I am glad everyone seems OK, at least in the big picture. I as well have lost many friends to car accident motorcycle stunts and stuff...that's rough, and then the PC going down just adds to a lousy weekend. sheesh...

I will email you my address, I got your RAM labelled and ready to go.

I wish you much better luck in future.

Whoa, and I was feeling down because the Vikings lost...I gotta get a grip.

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