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a.k.a. Porp & Mr. Muffins
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My brother and I just completed an original song, the first one in quite a while. I'm on drums and bass and did all the mixing and mastering. He's on rhythm and lead guitar and vox. It's up at NoWhereRadio and is called "Questioning Sincerity." It's pretty much done, although I'd like to mix the vocals a bit more. They're a bit loud, I think.

So tell me what you think if you listen to it. Tips and comments much appreciated!

"Questioning Sincerity"

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Since: May 09, 2004

Jul 25, 2004 05:24 pm

Outstanding job! Really pro sounding, I was especially envious of your drum sounds. Full, dynamic, punchy, it's all there. Everything else is great as well nice guitars tone in there and excellent choices of overdubs and mix placement. I liked the vocal treatments and clarity but I think your right about the vocal being a *tad* loud, but not much.

If only we didn't have to deal with the mp3 compression than I could hear all those deals that are blurred especially in the high end.

I gotta say, superb job man, keep it up!

Since: Jul 02, 2003

Jul 25, 2004 07:46 pm

Nice job Porpoise. Really great sound all the way around. The lead vocal sounds a bit thin to me needs more mid tones in it, chorus sounds great. Very good sounding mix. Love the guitar tones and drums. :)


bace135 in the house tonight!
Since: Jan 28, 2003

Jul 26, 2004 12:02 am

This is hot. The song is overall very good. The only thing is, like you said, the vocals are a little high in the mix. I like the double ups on the vocals though, and I think this is the best singing I've heard you do so far. I like the emotion that really comes in at the end. The guitars sound great for sure. Keep it up man. Oh yeah, I love the little drumsticks cracking each other in some of the transitions. It's those little things that really make a song more interesting, even if most don't even realize it conciously.

a.k.a. Porp & Mr. Muffins
Since: Oct 09, 2002

Jul 26, 2004 10:11 am

Thanks a lot, guys! I'm glad you seem to like it. I was really happy with the drum sound I got, so it's good to hear that confirmed. If we make a cd I'll have to go back and mix the vocals a little more. Thanks again.

sloppy dice, drinks twice
Since: Aug 05, 2003

Jul 26, 2004 02:26 pm

Great song, Porp. Guitars sound great, and I love the stick noise thing. Vocal take sounds just a tad flat pitchwise in a few spots. However, it's dynamic, expressive, and I can really feel the song through the singer. Vocals are also a bit front, which I see has already been mentioned. Nice job on this one, I dig it.

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