Mike Grisafi
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About Mike Grisafi

Short&Sweet: 25 y/o Playing guitar 'bout 12 years. I've alway had an interest in audio engineering. Play in an original band called 'Sonic Lux' but since our main man, Hassan, ran off to Nashville we're not really doing much now. We have a home recorded, but professionally mastered 4-song demo done with Digidesign's wonderful Pro Tools Le 002. There's more I'm sure but I suck at writing long, engaging bios.

My Studio

##-Music equipment-##

Ibanez RGT42 flamed maple top
Jackson dinky w/ weird, textured 'cookies and cream' finish
circa '72 Gibson LesPaul Deluxe

Ibanez RGT42 ...into...
Boss overdrive/distortion pedal ... into front end of...
Carvin Legacy 100w combo
Peavy Bandit 65
Fender Frontman 25
Boss GT-3 multi-effects (from the Carvin's effects loop)

##-Recording equipment-##

M-audio Audiophile 24/96
Mackie Tracktion software(freely obtained during their promotion)
Fostex VF160 (used mostly for live recording)
Behringer B-1 large dia. condensers (x2... my main stero pair)
Shure SM57
some unknown Electro Voice handheld dynamic

--all of the above plus...
Pro Tools Le 002
Alesis mkII moniters
AKG C4000 large dia. condenser
Shure Beta58 (x2)
Shure Beta57
Mackie CFX16 (16 channel mixer)
JBL Eons (x5 powered PA speakers; 2 for mains, 3 for monitors)

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.soniclux.com