Privacy Policy

It is HRC's Mission to provide a world class working environment and community for the independent musician.

The information given in registration is the sole property of Home Recording Connection and will never be sold, traded or otherwise given to anyone. We have no interest in promoting spamming or any form of annoying online marketing. Your information is kept private except for what you allow to be seen in your personal profile.

The Home Recording Connection web site does use cookies on the visitors machine to authenticate users logged in status and track which user they are, as well as the use of cookies by HRC's third party advertising systems and to support visitor analytics systems. These cookies are not dangerous and not intended to exploit any theft of information in any way, they are simply a tiny text file storing a string of characters that are used strictly for tracking user visit and geolocation information to show the users more relevant advertisements and give us a more accurate view of who uses this web site so that information can help us make it more useful for those using it.

While third party systems come and go from time to time, the major third party systems used in HRC are these, linked to their own privacy policies:

  1. Google ad and content network privacy policy.
  2. InfoLinks
  3. Google Analytics
  4. QuantCast

For more information about HTTP Cookies, read Wikipedia's post on the subject.

For further information on cookies management and removal, please visit

Home Recording Connection stands in support of independent artists and their music, and is firmly dedicated to the fair and ethical use of the internet and all the technologies that go along with it. We do not spam, do not abuse our members privacy and do not condone those acts by anyone else.