coolo - bace135 in the house tonight!
Member Profile - 01/28/2003

About coolo

go by the handle of bace135. I am a San Francisco mc and beat maker. I do creative instrumental and hip hop music.

Visit for plenty of free music, including my latest EP, "4 Volume 1".

My Studio

Intel Celeron 2.3GHz processor computer
*80GB and 120GB hard disks
*Delta 66 soundcard
*SBLive Value soundcard
*Grace Model 101 mic pre
*Shure SM-57 dynamic microphone
*Shure SM-58 dynamic microphone
*Neumann TLM-103 condensor microphone
*Behringer MX602A mixer
*Computer speakers with subwoofer
*KRK KRok monitors
*Alesis RA100 power amp
*Adobe Audition
*Project 5
*Ibanez electric bass/Fender Amp
*Pair of Conga drums
*Miscellaneous item instruments and noisemakers

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]